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As the business owner, your focus should remain on the important things. For instance, employees need to be managed,  jobs need to be supervised, deadlines need to be met and new business needs to be generated. Trying to keep track of receipts and when bills are due should not be part of your workload. Here at AP Bookkeeping, we can take care of these tedious tasks while helping improve your company’s process. We are the score keepers that you can rely on to review all of your business’s raw transactions and deliver detailed reports to you in a timely manner. This way, you know what areas of your company are the strongest and which needs improvement. 

Every company we take on, is more of a partnership rather than a client. Meaning we will not only provide our accounting and bookkeeping services but our financial experience and guidance as well. Feel like you’re wasting too much money on interest? – Lets talk so that we can refinance elsewhere. Need to take out a loan for new equipment? – Lets discuss that so we can find the best rates from lenders. Do you want to look into a new/better credit card to maximize benefits? – We can review that in order to find the best cash back option for your business. Looking for a better way to track employees’ time? – Lets talk about an affordable time tracking software. Although generating income isn’t our forte, we can certainly help implement cost saving strategies to create a healthier bottom line. 


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